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About the Company:

Coats Aloe International is a complete skin, body, and hair care products manufacturer dedicated to developing the finest formulations with outstanding performance capabilities. Our expertise in formulating to professional specifications contributes to our success in helping our clients with any skin care need. Attuned to the industry's exacting requirements, Coats Aloe produces superior quality products of impeccable integrity.

Our Commitment to You:

We are dedicated to providing perfect formulations for all of your skin care needs. Equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and techniques, and over 60 years of combined experience in research and development of skin and body care formulations, Coats Aloe offers the highest level of production standards. Our continuous goal is to maintain our outstanding reputation for quality products and service. We strive to preserve the ever increasing, high level of customer satisfaction that has made Coats Aloe International an innovative, worldwide leader in today's growing market.

Product quality is not just a promotional phrase, it is the core of the Coats Aloe International philosophy. Every Coats Aloe team-member is committed to the highest standards, whether in keeping current with the latest development in new techniques and raw materials, or trends in packaging and design. Coats Aloe scours the world for the latest technology, ingredients, and creative ideas for the design and creation of distinctive customer collections.

Our Facilities:

More than 163,000 square feet are available for producing an unlimited array of skin and body products, including special attention to the needs of any particular ethnic or geographic specific market in the world. Coats Aloe is proud to be endorsed by the International Aloe Science Council, a sign of recognition of our superior quality and high potency. Located in the suburban area of Dallas, Texas, Coats Aloe is eager to welcome you for your first visit to our facility.

U.S. Patent #5,356,811

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in manufacturing
Aloe Vera products
since 1962.

"In my treatment room I utilize Coats Aloe Vera Gelly followed by Coats Aloe Vera Créme, which helps calm chemically treated skin, acne clients that have had extractions, and skin that has been mechanically abraded
(microdermabrasion). I have seen excellent results produced from Coats Aloe Vera products"

Leah Brothers - Grice, L.E.